Also Tywin Lannister partnered their own very first cousin, Joanna Lannister

Also Tywin Lannister partnered their own very first cousin, Joanna Lannister

There’s absolutely no indication that people society inside the Westeros or Essos possess actually condoned sexual relationships, way less marriage, anywhere between mothers and their children – not the brand new Valyrians. Craster, an effective wildling lifestyle towards an extremely remote homestead on desert outside the Wall structure, manage “marry” his own daughters, to help you father more daughters on them that he carry out in turn wed (for example Gilly) – however, this is simply it is possible to because of the significant separation they was surviving in, maybe not condoned within a great AplicaciГіn mГіvil AmoLatina “society”. Probably the other wildlings utterly despised Craster, and what he was doing was not from another location considered appropriate in large wildling community.

ong new nobility out of Westeros, which is not felt incest within community. The Valyrians (and soon after, the fresh new Targaryens) popular in order to get married cousins out-of as near a degree that one may if there have been no sisters in the present generation of its families. They certainly were also called to possess marriages ranging from uncles and nieces (and most likely and aunts and you will nephews): Rhaenyra Targaryen herself hitched her own sibling, Daemon Targaryen (regardless of if bro-relative relationship isn’t as personal an amount of incest since brother-brother incest).

Polygamy [ ]

Bigamy is actually taboo in several biggest religions, such as the Trust of the Eight or the Dated Gods of your Forest. The new Believe of your Seven takes into account elizabeth time for you to become a keen abomination.

A great many other world religions, not, manage practice polygamy. The fresh new ironborn in Sunken God religion been next to it due to their habit of getting that no. 1 “rock partner” however, numerous lower-ranks “sodium spouses” (generally glorified concubines) – even in the event they never ever take multiple “material partner”.

The fresh Dornishmen do have a social lifestyle out of keeping openly accepted mistresses/couples titled “paramours”, regardless of if he could be currently ours aren’t “married”: in lieu of the salt spouses of your own ironborn, the children off paramours are considered bastards versus genetics liberties (even when unlike the rest of the Eight Kingdoms, bastardy is not felt extremely awkward in Dorne).

The brand new ancient Valyrians was basically recognized to practice polygamy – it was not most regular, it wasn’t strange and you will unheard of both. Aegon We Targaryen was while doing so married so you can both of their sibling-spouses, Visenya and you can Rhaenys. Afterwards Domestic Targaryen avoided exercising polygamy, although not, realizing that it would significantly antagonize the fresh Trust of one’s Eight, which was currently very distressed about their incestuous bloodline and you will marriage ceremonies (appear to it continued to practice incestuous entally it already had a keen incestuous bloodline and absolutely nothing you are going to change that, even so they you can expect to positively favor to not ever do polygamy any more).

The new Dothraki behavior polygamy, and you will a good khal can take numerous wives at once (Khal Drogo simply taken place not to have one spouses currently when he wed Daenerys Targaryen). The brand new standing out of Dothraki marriage ceremonies can differ a lot more, however: particular khals usually takes multiple wives at a time, tend to only captives consumed raids, who are felt nothing more than concubines. But really often, a beneficial khal tend to slip deeply in love with that spouse, an excellent khaleesi whom nearly co-laws and regulations because of the his top, and he would not need any spouses.

Bastardy [ ]

Bastardy – whenever youngsters are born outside of eful within the Westeros your approved bastard children of nobility need to use special bastard surnames, you to definitely surname for every of Seven Kingdoms. Bastards from the Northern utilize the surname “Snow”, such as for instance Jon Snow and you can Ramsay Snow. Bastards about desert empire Dorne utilize the surname “Sand”, eg Ellaria Sand, and additionally Oberyn ed “the Sand Snakes” this is why). Dorne keeps various other opinions with the sexuality as compared to remainder of Westeros, and unlike others kingdoms the brand new Dornish usually do not consider bastardy so you can end up being such as embarrassing. Just bastards of one’s nobility are able to use these types of surnames. Bastards was omitted from the distinctive line of series, no matter if on the uncommon celebration a master might grant all of them Legitimization.