OOON’ is derived from ऊन which means wool in ‘Hindi’ we’re committed to using the highest quality of natural yarns handpicked from Sustainable textile farms in inner Mongolia. ‘We believe in a sustainable approach to design, slow fashion and ‘lifetime’ buys, passionately applying our premium yarns into timeless investment pieces. Each design has an expression of contemporary dressing and attention to detail, offering an elevated design which is one of a kind, whilst still applying a simplistic aesthetic. Interweaving our values of sustainability, traceability and authenticity into our luxury pieces to be cherished.


The clothing is meticulously handcrafted in our own factory by artisan workers in the lap of the Himalayas in Nepal. No products are mass produced and our Luxury knitwear collections are carefully curated and designed across our studios in London and Italy. Our yarns are used with state of the art manufacturing facilities to produce the finest knitwear. These manufacturing facilities in Nepal abide by Fair trade policies and norms.

The whole process from start to finish encompasses a high level of transparency into the brand of OOON, which has an artisan heritage, producing traditional textile manufacturing since the late 19th century.